Fun and education are the key to any relationship. The relationship with our horse is the same. If you aren't having fun, you won't want to be around your horse for long. If, at some point, you feel like you don't know what your doing or how to get your horse to do something or trust you, then education will help. We never quit learning!

Val Delana and Paula Sue Swope have been TTW for a few years now. With Val's retirement coming up this Fall, we have been busy planning some new ventures.

For many years, Val has been working with gaited horses and Paula Sue has been working with trotting horses.

TTW will be involved in facilitating some equine education clinics on topics such as basic and natural horsemanship, obstacle performance and desensitizing (open to all breeds and all levels of horsemanship).

We will also be hosting several ACTHA events, tack swaps and whatever else we see a need for.

Let us hear from you as to what you would like to do with your horse and we will try our best to accommodate you as we continue to grow Two Texas Women Management Team.

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